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Experience the Premium Desert Safari Adventures with Us

When we think about Dubai, all that comes to mind is the tall buildings, amazingly fancy shops, and contemporary structures everywhere. However, there is also a beautiful Arabian Desert to discover. Dubai Safari Desert offers an exciting adventure involving riding on sand dunes with a unique and fantastic taste of its traditional culture.

Explore by Types of Stays

If you are looking forward to such tours & types of stays in Dubai, you have come to the right place - Dubai Safari Desert!!

Welcomes You to the Heart of Adventure

Let us get on to the mesmerizing journey to discover Dubai landscapes with our unforgettable Desert Safari tour experience. Here at Dubai Safari Desert, we offer you several options to redefine adventure and collect unforgettable memories for life with the spiritual desert charm. You can choose from Evening Desert Safari, Quad Bike Safari, Over Night Desert Safari, or Morning Desert Safari, as per your convenience and time preferences.

You can experience the best Desert Safari Dubai tour with us as we offer the supreme combos of many fun activities. You can enjoy dune bashing, sand boarding, camel rides, quad biking, the fantastic desert safari buffet options, a fire show, a belly dance show, and a lot more if you are planning a family desert safari Dubai tour with your entire family.

Want to know about Desert Safari Dubai price? No worries; we have designed all our packages at affordable rates with the best possible luxuries. You can choose any of our packages from available ones, i.e., Evening Desert Safari, Quad Bike Safari, Over Night Desert Safari, or Morning Desert Safari, as they all come with different prices. Our company, Dubai Safari Desert, offers different deals and discounts time to time so that you can avail our fantastic safari deals and still enjoy the luxurious treatment.

For detailed Desert Safari Quotes for Morning, Evening, or Night Desert Safaris, you can browse our website or contact our customer support team anytime.  

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Why Choose Us

When you choose dubaisafaridesert.ae for the Desert Safari Experience in Dubai, you make the right choice. We are committed to giving our customers an exceptional, memorable, and adventurous Safari tour.

Experience and expertise

We have regularly organized Desert Safaris tour for the past several years for our customers from across the globe. You can have a perfect Morning or Evening with our seasoned expert guides and enjoy the rich Dubai culture with us. We are 24/7 Hrs online to answer your quries. Feel free to contact us.

Customer's Safety First

The priority of our company has always been our customer's safety. Keeping this in mind, our trained and expert guides adhere to strict safety standards because they know all aspects of the Safaris. Enjoy the thrill of the desert with confidence and utmost safety with us.

Best Price Guarantee

Boost up your Desert Safari experience with our company at pocket-friendly rates. We have designed various cheap Dubai Safari Desert packages for you and have ensured to include the luxury options, which truly makes your adventurous tour special with us.

Variety of Packages

Various Safari packages are tailored to meet everyone's preferences, adventure levels, timings, or budget. Whether you seek an adventurous tour early in the Morning or desire to enjoy a serene sunset escape in the Evening, we have something for you.

Easy Booking Process

When it comes to Desert Safari Dubai Booking, our company has designed the process simple and easy. Dubai Safari Desert's user-friendly website allows you to browse different packages and select and secure your reservation in time for a hassle-free experience.

5 Star Clients Ratings

Read reviews from our past clients, and you will be more than satisfied to know that our clients have had a fantastic experience with us. Dubai Safari Desert's commitment to excellence is evident from the 5-star customer ratings from all our clients.

Features Tours

Here are the following Features of Tours are available!

The right choice of Desert Safari Outfits – What to wear?

First-time visitors don't know what to wear in desert safari and end up with the wrong choices. Dubai Safari Desert is the name of reliability as we guide our customers on every step of the way to ensure their pleasing and comfortable tour. When preparing for Desert Safari, the most essential thing is to wear comfy clothes according to climate. Let us have a look at a few critical Desert Safari Outfit guidelines:

Loose and lightweight Clothing

Make sure to choose loose-fitted and lightweight clothing to look fantastic and comfy in the desert heat. You must go for long and breathable pants and opt for long sleeves, which will offer maximum protection from the sunlight, especially during the Morning Safaris.

Comfortable and easy footwear

If you have the hiking sandals, go for them first. However, if you don’t have it, you must wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers to remain comfortable during the tour. It will also protect your feet if you are planning to participate in several fun-based activities over there, like sand boarding or desert terrain walk.

Headgear or headscarf is a must

The most important thing when it comes to the Desert Safari Outfits is the headgear or the headscarf. If it doesn’t go well with your clothes, it is recommended to take it along with you in something because you are going to need it for sun protection, especially if you are out for daytime safaris.

Modest Clothing for cultural sites

If you opt for any safari tour that also includes visits to religious or cultural sites, you must dress modestly to show respect for their customs. Otherwise, you must carry a shawl to cover when entering their pious places.

Jackets or Sweaters (For evening/night safaris)

If you have chosen Evening Desert Safari Dubai, you need to keep in mind that the evenings may be cooler as compared to the day, especially during the winter. You must bring a sweater or a stylish, lightweight jacket along with you for added comfort during Evenings.  

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5 Star Clients Ratings

Best Dubai Safari Desert - Do's and Don'ts

When it comes to the Best Dubai Safari Desert, you must follow certain things and avoid a few ones to make it the best. Let us have a look and make sure to follow the below-listed guidelines for the best-ever experience:

DO’s —

Do dress appropriately: The most important thing to consider for Desert Safari Dubai is to wear comfortable clothes that also go with the desert climate. Make sure to wear light colors as well.

Do protect yourself from the sun: It is crucial to protect yourself from the sun during Safari tours because it may be too hot in the Morning. Wear sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

Do capture Dubai safari desert pictures: Make sure to bring a good smartphone or high quality camera to capture the stunning landscapes and memories for life during your Safari Desert.

Do listen to your guide: You must follow our expert guide’s instructions during all the activities, like dune bashing, quad biking, etc., to ensure your safety during the entire tour.

Do respect the environment: During the Safari tours, you must avoid littering and respect all the surroundings in the desert. Play your utmost role in keeping the environment clean during Safari tours.

Do try local cuisine: If you go to the Safari Desert, try their local cuisine. It is the most delightful part of the Safari Desert experience, so you must try different flavors of traditional Arabian cuisine.

Do bring your backpack: Don’t forget to carry a small backpack and keep all the essential items in it, such as water bottles, a camera, sunscreen, and any other personal belongings you may need during the Safari.

Do have fun: The last but not least, you must have fun and enjoy all the activities there. Engage yourself in the beauty of Dubai desert’s surroundings and relax. Make good memories with friends and family.

DON’Ts –

Don’t forget something important: Make sure to bring all the essential items with you, and don’t forget any important things such as booking confirmation, identification cards, medications, backpacks, etc.

Don’t engage in careless behavior: Don’t engage yourself in reckless behavior with other people during the Safari tour activities, and ensure you follow all the safety guidelines.

Don’t feed wildlife: Resist your urge to feed any wildlife you may encounter during the Safari Desert tour. It can disrupt their natural behavior and may be harmful to you.

Don’t stray from your group: It is recommended for you to don’t stray from your group and follow your guide by our company. The desert can be vast, and you must stay together in order to avoid any uncertain situation.

Don’t ignore safety briefings: Pay close attention to safety briefings from our company’s expert guide. These guidelines are in place for your and your family’s protection.

Don’t disrespect local customs: You must be mindful of local customs and traditions during the Desert Safari Dubai. Dress modestly, especially if visiting cultural sites, to show respect.

Frequently Asked Questions –

We recommend comfortable and light Clothing suitable for the desert climate. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Closed-toe shoes are advisable for activities like sandboarding.

A desert Safari in Dubai is an exciting and adventurous experience in the mesmerizing landscapes of Dubai’s deserts.

You may select different tour packages, as per your convenience, and enjoy several activities like dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, cultural encounters, and a lot more.  

Booking a Desert Safari with Dubai Safari Desert is simple and convenient. Visit our website’s booking section, choose your preferred package, select the date and time, and follow the easy steps to secure your reservation. Our customer support team is also available to assist you throughout the booking process.

YES. Safety is our top priority. Our experienced guides are trained to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants. We use well-maintained vehicles for dune bashing and adhere to strict safety standards. Adventure with confidence, knowing that your well-being is our foremost concern.

While many activities are suitable for all ages, some may have age or height restrictions. For example, quad biking might have a minimum age requirement. Please check the specific details of each activity when booking, and feel free to contact our team if you have any concerns.

Absolutely! We understand that each visitor is unique. Contact our customer support team to discuss your preferences and requirements, and we’ll be happy to tailor a package that suits your special occasion or group event.

Dubai Safari Desert’s customer support team is available via phone, email, or the contact form on our website. Visit the “Contact Us” section for detailed information on how to reach us. We are here to assist you and address any queries you may have.