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welcome to Dubai Safari Desert

Dubai Safari Desert – About Us

Welcome to Dubai Safari Desert, where we promise to give you an unmatched, unforgettable and adventurous desert experience in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula.

We have been serving as a premier provider of desert safari tours, and we take pride in offering the best combination of luxury, adventure, and cultural exploration. We make sure that each moment you spend here becomes a cherished memory.

Reliable & Fully Insured

Our services are 100% reliable and secured.

Live Customer Support

Feel free to contact us we are 24/7 hours live to answer your questions

Dubai Safari Desert: What sets us apart?

Experience and Expertise

With the assistance of its seasoned professionals and experts with in-depth knowledge, the company ensures that safaris are family-friendly, thrilling, and safe.

Exclusive Desert Camps

We offer exclusive desert camps that blend traditional charm with modern comfort. Our camps are designed to offer the utmost luxury amidst the red dunes.

Skilled Guides

Our skilled team of guides doesn’t just lead safaris but go beyond that. They are great storytellers and cultural ambassadors, ensuring every customer has an enriching experience.

Luxurious Treatment within budget

The company lets our customers enjoy the luxury treatment in our all available desert safari packages without breaking the bank. We give you the experience to remember for life.

Commitment to sustainability

The entire company is committed towards responsible tourism, respect, and preserving the desert ecosystem. The guests are supposed to follow the guidelines of the guides in this aspect.

Book your desert adventure with us NOW

If you are planning to visit Dubai and want to experience the safari desert, book your tour in advance with us. Here at Dubai Safari Desert, we offer morning, evening and overnight safaris so you can book at your convenience and availability.

You will have a thrilling adventure while exploring the iconic red sands dunes with us. We also offer the quad bike safari for thrill seekers and have a lot of other activities to enjoy in our different tour packages, such as henna painting, traditional dance performances, camel riding, sand boarding, buffets for veg and non-veg, incredible complimentary refreshments and a lot more.

So, Book your adventure with us today and let the magic of dunes unfold.